MASH MApping of Sugarcane Harvest

Webmapping application of the sugarcane harvest progress

by optical and SAR remote sensing 

contact : mash(at)

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To optimize the logistics of the sugarcane harvest and maximize the quality (sugar content) of the cane, the sugar operators have to quantify the harvested areas. 

MASH (MApping Sugarcane Harvest) maps the progress of the sugarcane harvest in semi-real time. The method consists of automatically processing free satellite images (radar and optical) acquired at high frequency (less than 6 days). Each pixel of the sugar cane plots is classified according to its state of harvest. The plot cartography distributed to the operators makes it possible to follow visually the progress of the project; a synthetic indicator is produced per spatialized production unit (plot, supply center, plant).

The MASH processing chain is based exclusively on open and free satellite data from the Copernicus program of the European Space Agency (ESA), Open Source software and is installed on a Linux server.



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